Invest in the best! Remember that the value and the price of your vintage exotic handbag is based not only on its condition, but also on the quality of its skin, and the craftsmanship. Don't waste your money on low-grade vintage. Buy affordable designer vintage brands perusing our Top 20 list. 

Exotic Skin Luxury Handbags Craftsmanship
Victoria Stowe

Over centuries, a handbag evolved from a simple necessity into an important fashion element. As a reflection of a woman's intimate world, for decades it has been an object of interest for many celebrated designers. However, no designer's vision can be realized without a skilled artisan.


If you take time to carefully examine a fine vintage skin handbag, you will see how much skill has been put into its creation. Attention to detail is amazing, as well as the thought, time, work and craftsmanship invested into it. And people always sign in admiration: "Oh, they don't make them like this anymore."


The culture of mass-produced fashion -- intended to be disposed of the next year -- affects the quality and the style of the products we buy. That is why 'going vintage' is a fun and affordable way to personalize your fashion choices. Be unique and special, for less!  What makes a fine vintage purse so attractive is its handmade quality, which never comes cheap.


Some bags are priced much higher than others for the same reason some diamonds cost much more than others: quality! Two major quality parameters -- the quality of skins and the quality of craftsmanship -- determine the value and price of your vintage exotic skin handbag. 





  • Skins are superbly matched, symmetrical and centered

  • Seams are piped for added durability, or stitched outwards

  • Corners are crisp and well defined

  • Frame if fully covered with skin or decorated with original ornaments, or studs

  • Original frame is made of Lucite or Bakelite, wood or other unusual materials

  • Handle is rigid or semi-rigid, with strong padding and support

  • Interior is fitted with top-quality suede, kidskin, lambskin, goatskin, silk or moire

  • Interior features a built-in wallet or a swivel mirror

  • Interior has an unusual construction: duplet, triplet, etc. 

  • Unique original decorative accents: 24-karat plating, sterling silver frames, timepieces, etc.

  • Original clasps encrusted with rhinestones, glass or plastic "gems" or beads; decorated with colorful enamel, or Lucite/Bakelite

  • Original accessory kits: coin purse, mirror in leather or plastic casing, comb, perfume bottle, lighter, lipstick case, etc.