"It’s in the Bag—Luxury, that is."

Dofan Handbag Co.

New York City, USA, 1944-'70.


Director of sales: Mr. Robert E. Sommers, former president of Deauville Bags.


Addresses: 14 East 33rd Street; 30 East 33rd Street, NYC.


Production facilities: New York, Paris, Grenoble.


Collaboration: exclusive lines for Best & Co. stores in the '50s.


Specialty: fine purses in leather, alligator and crocodile,  and vinyl. Signature features: beautifully detailed enamel clasps, 24-karat gold-plated trim, and Bakelite accents. Quiet elegance at excellent value!


Mark: Dofan.


Illustration: Dofan bags, Vogue, November 1948.


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Source: © 2010 Victoria Stowe "Exotic Skin Handbags: Alligator & Crocodile." All rights reserved.



All rights reserved.

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