"The Gift of True Elegance."

Evans Case Co.

Massachusetts, USA, late '30s-1955.


Founder: Alfred F. Reilly, Samuel Haslan, Fred Burden.


Specialty: upscale handmade exotic skin handbags accessorized with sets of novelties (cigarette lighter, lipstick, comb, coin purse, mirror, compact, perfume atomizer).


Signature styles: superlative, fitted alligator and crocodile purses.


Sold by: Dale Fifth Avenue, Saks Fifth Avenue. At the time when a high-end alligator bag became a must-have accessory in the US, this brand stood apart and commanded the highest prices. Today they're very collectible, especially when in mint condition and complete with accessories.


Mark: Evans Elegance.


Illustration: Evans Elegance handbag ad, Harper's Bazaar 1953.


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Source: © 2010 Victoria Stowe "Exotic Skin Handbags: Alligator & Crocodile." All rights reserved.



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