Lederer de Paris

"Finest European Handcrafted Leather Goods since 1898"

Lederer de Paris, Inc.

Their first boutique in the US was opened in 1939 in New York City at 711 Fifth Ave. Prior to that, the company operated over twenty stores in Europe, including London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, and Budapest.


Founder: Ludwig Lederer.


Specialty: upscale alligator and crocodile satchels, as well as various lady's exotics meticulously handcrafted from finest leathers and skins.


Signature feature: attached gold-plated watches. Since the 1960s, this over-100-year-old corporation has been run by the three generations of Mr. Lederer’s followers. The brand has changed the ownership several times, yet still remains in operation worldwide as a distinguished maker of fine leather goods.


Mark: Lederer de Paris.


Illustration: Lederer de Paris marketing brochure, 1943.  

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Lederer de Paris products, c.1943
Lederer de Paris products, c.1943

Lizard Travel Purse c.1950s-1960s
Lizard Travel Purse c.1950s-1960s