"Awesome Carryalls for Ultimate, Professional Look"

Vassar Bag Co. of New York

USA, 1932-'70s


Specialty: casual alligator shoppers, satchels and swaggers.


Signature features: oversized construction, exterior pockets, interior wallets, polished brass hardware, floating hinges, classic colors.


Sold by: department stores (B. Altman & Co., Lord & Taylor), mail order (Sears, Montgomery Ward catalogs).


Mark: Genuine Alligator by Vassar.


Illustration: Vassar alligator bags and shoes ad, Sears, Roebuck & Co. Catalog, Fall/Winter 1963.


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Source: © 2010 Victoria Stowe "Exotic Skin Handbags: Alligator & Crocodile." All rights reserved.


All rights reserved.

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