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Victoria Stowe

Thank You! 

My deepest, most special gratitude goes to Jim Stowe for his endless commitment and support. His dedication was exactly what I needed to complete this project of putting together the collection and publishing the book that took almost a decade to create. 

The contribution of my photographer and project manager, Zack Davidov, simply cannot be overestimated. His fresh artistic vision and keen understanding of quality has defined the concept of this collection, and his meticulous technical support made it real and feasible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

The ability of my set stylist and graphic designer, Nina Passalaqua, to "tune" into the atmosphere of the period fashion had added up immensely to the aura of the book's historical authenticity.
And I'm very grateful for that! 

With Special Gratitude 

Victoria Stowe Collection

"I am very pleased with the 6 pages you did for us in your book, which looks beautiful. I can't thank you enough for the wonderful bag you sent me to go into the collection,


Judith Leiber, Designer

I would like to extend my sincerest gratitute and appreciation to Judith Leiber, who kindly agreed to assist with my project, and took time to check the production dates of her handbags featured in the book.

I cannot help but share with you how incredibly warm and accessible Judith Leiber is, and how much she cares.

Judith, thank you so much for the greatest, most memorable time we spent together

in the Hamptons in September 2010!   


Photo: Judith Leiber and Victoria Stowe at The Leiber Museum, the Hamptons, New York, September 2010

Photo: The Judith Leiber python lace purse (vintage c.1970s) from our collection presented to Judith Leiber for display at her museum in Hamptons, New York, 2010

Judith Leiber


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