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Customers' Stories



"Let me share this with you. I bought a '40s Bellestone purse from you for my wife. She complained that the handle was "old style" in the pocketbook fashion and that wasn't the style nowadays. So after much reflection I looked through my belt rack and found a real croc belt I've had for more than 10 years. After much research I came across a Russian shoemaker. He didn't even speak English, but his wife worked with him in their shop. He took my belt and cut it both in length and width to match the original handle. In fact, when I was relaying my wishes to his wife, she had me spell and pronounce the word "width" several times for her. (Now) the purse looks astounding. The belt matches in every way (color and grain). It now hangs from her shoulder. I tell her friends how it came to be and then turn the strap over to show them the "40" imprinted on it and explain that that is my waist size and now when my wife carries this bag she's carrying a little bit of me with her. I thought you might enjoy the story and thanks again. I'm sure we'll do business again, God willing".



“I have always believed that I was born too late. I adore the fashion sense of Princess Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and Coco Chanel. It was by chance that while I was searching for a vintage Kelly-style handbag I stepped into a world that became a small obsession. The world of vintage exotics! I researched intensively in order to arm myself with enough knowledge to bid in auctions. And, over time, I came to appreciate these bags more than just fashion accessories. To me, they are works of art.” 



“I got addicted to owning a fashion item with a bit of history. I love the workmanship of the older bags. I like that in contrast to other vintage clothing they can be found in great condition, and I love imagining who may have owned them. I’m not going for a completely vintage look, but mix my vintage bags and shoes (unworn only) with my wardrobe. I enjoy having accessories that no one else has. Now when I go to the mall I wouldn’t consider buying a new bag—how boring! Plus, with nearly fifty bags, I need to change my purse almost every day to show them off. I learned that I should only buy from trusted dealers. But... the lure of a bargain or better yet a bag with an unusual shape, color or clasp will sometimes get me. I have the heart of a collector and also collect vintage costume jewelry, but that’s a whole other story."


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