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Victoria Stowe Collection


Antique and Collectible News Article Victoria Stowe Collection

As a historical record of a luxury accessory, the book is fascinating and full of eye-candy; as a collectors' guide, I would imagine it to be indispensable... Stowe includes an array of vintage editorial and advertising images in addition to the photographs of her bags. It provides context, as you get to see the parallels between fashion trends and bag designs... I thoroughly enjoyed looking through Exotic Skin Handbags: Alligator & Crocodile. Its packed with fashion, information, and an aficionados appreciation of these luxury accessories," - SARAH McFARLAN,

Victoria Stowe Book, Threads Magazine
Victoria Stowe
Alligator and crocodile handbags once were elegant. Now they are both elegant and highly collectible. The latest proof is the volume "Exotic Skin and Crocodile Handbags" by Victoria Stowe. Hundreds of such vintage handbags made of that material make a notable collection and consequently a notable book. This volume offers more than 500 beautiful examples of memorable exotic skin handbags from the author's extensive collection... Stowe's newly released volume is about to become timeless on its own. It includes just about all of the impressive and important makers of such handbags....A chapter on 'history to wear' features handbags from the Victorian 19th century through the youthful 1960s... The author points out that much of today's values are determined by condition, time of production, craftsmanship, maker and color..." - ROBERT REED, Antique and Collectible News
"I recently purchased Ms. Stowe's book, Exotic Skin, and I think it's great... I have vivid memories of going to the Lucille offices in New York and watching the craftsmen make the bags, of my Uncle Claude's hand drawn designs, of skins all over the place. I even worked in the showroom as a very young boy handing bags over to very elegant women as they shopped. It was fabulous... I appreciate her book (very much) and her love for my family's legacy," -  ROBERT P. HAHN, son of Peter C. Hahn, President of Lucille de Paris
"Great seller, amazing piece! Belongs in a museum! Authentic vintage Gucci!" -
MATTHEW RUBINGER, Senior Vice President at Christie's

"I recently came across your book and it was pure delight to delve into," -

FARBOD BARSUM, Designer, Beverly Hills, CA


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